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Animals listed on this page are in need of homes or fosters or they are lost/found animals. Information and photos are supplied by the caregiver or finder of the animal. Listings are added or updated in conjunction with HSSNM's pet help call line 575-523-8020. Accepting a pet from the listing is the responsibility of the indivual assuming care of the animal. Pets listed on this page are community animals and are not part of HSSNM's programs. For information and photos of animals who are part of HSSNM's adoption programs, please click here.

For information on low cost spay/neuter events and vaccination clinics, please click here to go to our Programs & Projects page.

Animals in Need of Homes or Foster Care/Animals Wanted Lost and Found

Senior cat needs home

BonBon, a 17-year-old, DSH, neutered tabby, must find home or foster by Tuesday, 25 April. Current caregiver has fostered the cat for three years here since his mother died, but has had to sell the home and is moving out of state. This is a short notice, but HSSNM turned out to be his last hope. He had tried all other shelters and even shelters in Albuquerque. He first contacted HSSNM on Wednesday, but was given the wrong telephone number to contact our cat adoption coordinator. We corrected that today, but it seems imperative to try to help this man who has been a faithful caregiver for the cat. BonBon will come with litter box and cat carrier. If you can help, call Joe Calderon, telephone: (804) 241-3177.

Posted April 22, 2017

Siamese mix in need of home

Ditzy, a young, spayed, siamese mix (with predominant siamese markings) is in need of a new home. She had a litter before she was spayed and turned out to be a good mother. Owner took her in as a pregnant stray, but older, resident cat has not accepted her. Owner says she was happiest with her litter of kittens and would probably make a good foster mom. Contact Deanna Fuller in T or C, tel: (575) 894-5139 or e-mail gayefuller@icloud.com.

Posted March 8, 2017

Chihuahua mix needs home

Bobo, a one-year-old, male Chihuahua mix is in need of a home as circumstance have placed owner in a temporary living situation where she can no longer provide Bobo with the care and attention he deserves. Bobo weighs about 13 lb, is current on rabies inoculation, and is microchipped, but he has not been neutered. If you can assume care for Bobo and offer him a forever home, contact Violeta, tel: (915) 345-4686.

Posted March 4, 2017

Needs new home

Lady is a beautiful dog, 15 months old, about 45 pounds. She is spayed, chipped, up to date on shots and heartworm prevention. She is good with kids and other dogs, don't know about cats. All records from Jornado Vet. If you can provide Lady with a new home, please contact Kathy at 575-541-5519.

Posted March 1, 2017

Want to adopt

Would like to adopt a young adult (1-5 years), female, Min-Pin. Call Beverly, tel: (575) 312-8501.

Posted Feb. 13, 2017

Abandoned cats need help

Abandoned cats, 3 adults & 6 adolescents, need help w/ placement in rescue w/fosters &/or adopters. Finder is working on resources for spay-neuter, vaccinations. etc for the cats. Contact Robyn at 575-619-0652 or Robyn.m.tierney@gmail.com if you have suggestions, ideas on ways to help. All support is welcome & needed!

Posted Jan 30, 2017

Home needed for red heeler

Wrangler is in need of a new home. She is 6 months old, weighs about 25 pounds. She has her rabies vaccination and first parvo shot, but is not yet microchipped. She is a bit shy, very energetic; good with people, kids and other dogs, but unknown with cats. Please contact Daniel at 575-640-9941 or email Jhartbaca@gmail.com.

Posted Jan. 19, 2017

Charlie needs a new home

Charlie is 3 yrs. old and is an inside cat. He's neutered and has all current shots as of Nov. 2016. He's somewhat shy and is happy laying on a pillow and scratching on a pole. He does not mess inside the house and has his litter box. He loves treats before he goes to sleep. His owner had coped with allergies and asthma, but now is very sensitive to the cat dander and breaks out in hives. If you can provide a new loving and safe home or foster for Charlie, please contact Irma at 915-203-6070.

Posted Jan. 16, 2017

In need of new home

Tank is 3 1/2 yrs old, fixed and chipped. Shots up to date. Not used to being around small children or other pets. Gets along great with our other large dog who has already been rehomed. Very allergic to cats. Please call Mary Miller at 573-300-5104 for more information.

Posted Jan. 5, 2017

In need of new home

Sander is a sweet, loving, nine-year-old male terrier. He is neutered, housetrained, and wants to be your special dog. He likes children and has a very outgoing personality, and he needs more family activity than he can get in his present home situation. If you can provide a good home to this sweet dog, please contact Frank at 575-647-1416.

Posted Dec. 27, 2016

Super cat seeks super home

This handsome 10 month old orange and white tabby was found wandering in Mesilla Park and is seeking a forever home. He is friendly, affectionate and very playful. He has had all his shots and has been treated for fleas and ear mites; will be neutered soon. He has been living with two other cats and gets along pretty well; not known if he likes dogs. To give this great kitty a home, please contact Liz at 575-636-4451.

Posted Oct. 26, 2016        

Two month foster needed

Chino was born here in Las Cruces March 15th 2012(4 years old). His owner adopted him in January of 2013 at 11 months old. He has a super silly personality, he is affectionate (on his terms of course). He is a long hair domestic cat but possible outdoor also. Owner is in need of a temporary home for him.They are moving to Colorado and really want to keep him if possible but willing to adopt out for the right family. He is a long hair, tuxedo cat, he is microchipped, neutered, litter box trained, and working on getting his last rabies shot. He is good with others and kinda gets along with dogs. If interested please call 575-605-8025 to work out any details.

Posted Oct. 17, 2016

Needs new home

Chango is about 2.5 yrs old and about 90+lbs. He is neueured and has his current rabies shot and is microchipped. He doesn't get along with other male dogs but loves the ladies. He is not potty trained so will need a big yard to roam in. He is super high energy and sometimes knock kids down but never means to hurt them. He is filled with kisses and lots of love. His youngest owner is 8 yrs old and he know how to behave with her. He is used to eating separately from other family dogs. If you can give Chango a home, please contact Shelley, 575-496-3172.

Posted Aug. 26, 2016

2 White German Shepherds need a re-home

Dude and Damsil are brother and sister white German Shepherds. They are spayed and neutered, and up to date on vaccinations, 3 1/2 years old and in excellent health. Well behaved and listen to instructions. They have German Shepherd's characteristics, loyal and protective of their families. Are not aggressive but will bark at strangers and dogs. They love road trips, hiking and walking. I have to reluctantly part with the dogs because of a new baby in our house. They are smart loving dogs looking for a good home.

If you would like to adopt these two lovely creatures, please call Doug Goforth II at 575-520-1060.

Posted June 10, 2016

Shepherd needs new home

Shadow is 5 years old, has his shots and microchip. He's a nervous at first but is a good dog and has never bitten anyone. Please call Juliet at 480-523-8023.

Posted May 25, 2016

New home needed

A new home is needed for Eva because her owner is moving from the area, and the new home will not permit her. She is a mixed pitbull, 7 years old. She's microchipped and spayed. She is an outside dog, she was previously house trained as a puppy but has been only outside for a couple years. Friendly and playful, good with other dogs and kids. Has not been around cats. If you can help, please contact Crystal at crystalreneehernandez@gmail.com

Posted April 4, 2016

Cats need good homes

Micah available for adoption (Joshua recently adopted.)

Joshua"s and Micah's family has suffered some serious changes in just the past few months. Their lady owner passed away recently and her husband, their gentleman owner who is 85 years old, needs a lung transplant to stay alive and at his age this is a very difficult situation at best. He needs to move to Texas to be with his daughter and needs to find a new home for these two seven year old kitties. Micah is the dark cat and Joshua is the orangish one. They are large by cat standards, reportedly at about 15 pounds each, but full of love to match their size according to their daddy. They do get along with dogs, they are up to date on vaccinations, neutered and declawed. They have a current medical history with Calista Animal Clinic and have no known current medical issues. At their age these two senior cats qualify for HSSNM's "Senior to Senior" free adoption program. We need adopters or fosters until we can get them into our PetSmart adoption program. Please contact Frank at 575-523-8020 if you can help.

Posted Feb. 22, 2016, updated May 28, 2016

Missing cat

Pearl went missing from Los Arboles Drive on Thursday night, April 27. She is 5 months old, a black and tan tabby with a shaved belly from recent spay surgery. She was wearing a pink collar with hearts. If you find her, please call Shannon at 644-2784.

Posted April 29, 2017

Found Female chihuahua mix puppy

This little girl turned up at Highway 70 and Baylor Canyon Road.  If recognized the contact number is Melody at 575-571-9594.  Melody can foster for this sweetie 48 hours.

Posted April 24, 2017

Lost, Maine coon mix cat

Slipped out of apartment in the 2900 block of Los Amigos Ct (just west of Telshor between Missouri and Claude Dove Dr) at about 11:30 pm, Thursday, 23 Mar—Louie, a large, orange, male Maine coon mix cat. Louie is an adult, 2 or 3 years old, and friendly as is typical of the Maine coon breed. He had been in his new home with owner about 2 months and is probably unfamiliar with his surroundings. If found, please contact Mark Cossel, tel: (575) 471-9053.

Posted March 24, 2017

Lost dog

Aspen was lost near the American Service Dog Training facility on S Solano on March 7th around 4pm.

Aspen is a female Hungarian Vizsla. Weight about 50ibs. Wearing a pink collar. She is chipped. Skittish and scared of most people and children. If seen please do not approach or she will run! Please call owners and follow her.
Owners number:
Malcolm and Cassie Strong

Posted March 8, 2017

Lost Red Heeler

Abbie, a five-year-old, female Red Heeler strayed from her home in the Legends West area in the vicinity of Tashiro Dr. and Motel Blvd. around noon on Sunday, 26 Feb. Abbie is considerably heavier than is usual for her breed. She is microchipped. Contact Michelle, tel: (575) 932-8448

Posted Feb. 28, 2017

Found near Mesilla Park

This found dog is small Chihuahua mix, male, neutered, not chipped and appears well cared for. He turned up yesterday at 8853 South Main just south of Mesilla Park.Please contact Gloria at 575-642-6894 if you have any information about the owner.

Posted Jan. 11, 2017

Missing Min-Pin/Chihuahua Mix

Her name is Penny. She is a Black and Tan, min-pin/chihuahua mix. She has a pink collar and a heart tattoo on her belly and she was last seen in the neighborhood off Missouri and Telshor. Please contact Kisa at 575-571-5100 if you have any information.

Posted Jan. 5, 2017

No photo available

Dog found in T or C

A large black dog was found in T or C Christmas Eve. He is very strong and powerful and in great physical condition. He has the greatest temperament and personality and is awesome. He was great with meeting people and other dogs and kids, as well as the finder's five cats. If you have any information about the owner please contact Peter at 575-740-7165.

Posted Jan. 5, 2017

Lost in Chaparral

Bellais a female Teacup Chihuahua, 4 years old. All white with a light brown stain on her back. Light colored eyes, green. Missing from Edna St. in Chaparral New Mexico. Any information please contact Adriana Perez (915) 801-2234.

Posted Jan. 5, 2017

Lost Dog

The owner has made a lost dog report, but if you know the whereabouts of Penny, please call Stacey at 786-728-6599 or email Robinsonstacey239@gmail.com

Posted Jan. 5, 2017

Lost Pit Pup

His name is Loki he's a black male pit bull puppy with a white chest and brown eyes about 4-5 months old last seen on 01/03/2017 wearing a multi colored harness about 7 miles down Holman Rd. Pease contact Jazmyn with any information. Email jazzi35462@gmail.com

Posted Jan. 5, 2017

Found pit bull

No infomation is available other than to call the finder, David, at 575-635-8883 with any information about the owner.

Posted Dec. 19, 2016

Lost dog

Ethel is a female blue and white pit bull. She was Last seen Friday 11/25 around 3pm. If you have any information about her please contact Michael Tedford, 575-405-9097.

Posted Nov. 28, 2016

Missing Cat

Snowy is reported missing from the area near Denny's restaurant on Highway 70. If seen, please contact Frank at 575-647-1416.

Posted Nov. 21, 2016

Lost Dog

Storm has been missing from home since Thursdsay, November 10, 2016. He has no collar. He was not feeling well. He was lost near Chiricahua Trail & Westmoreland (off La Reina or Del Rey). Please contact Misty with any information, phone 575-621-9983.

Posted Nov. 14, 2016

Found dog - looking for owner

If you have any information about this dog, please contact Frank Bryce at 647-1416.

Posted Oct. 24, 2016

Found near Veterans Park

This dog has no chip or other identifiers, but if you have any information about the owner or might be willing to provide a home, please contact Gary at 575-932-9220 or email day555@att.net.

Posted Oct. 24, 2016

Missing off El Centro Blvd

Sir Pugsworth is missing! He is two years old, black with a small white stripe on his chest. He has a blue collar with three tags on it, and is VERY friendly! He is michrochipped - chip #981020013931495. If you have seen him, please contact Alexandria, schwartzalexandria1996@gmail.com

Posted Sept. 9, 2016

Found near Young Park

A woman found this little girl in the street by Young Park on August 30th. She was fed well by that woman but based on her weight and body, she wasn't malnourished when found, maybe just hungry. No chip. Seems to be unaltered (no scar and either pre or post heat). She's around 10 to 15 lbs. Based on her teeth she is perhaps between 6 months to 1.5 years.

Current foster got her from the finder and is looking for the owners or another foster home as she does not have the means to keep her.

She's sweet and loving. Is doing great with other hyper dogs.If you have information about the owner or can provide a home or foster, please contact Ashleigh at 575 635 0415.

Posted Sept. 2, 2016

Lost Dog

This dog is a 3 year old terrier mix, medium sized. He is shy around males he doesn't know. If you have any information, please call 575-619-0149 or 915-261-8198.

Posted Aug. 26, 2016

Reward for Lost Puppy

Conan is a 1 year old black and white Boston terrier, male, neutered, has a black collar with little skull and crossbones. He was last seen on San Acacio St on Sunday, August 21. If you have found or have any information about Conan please call or text Auhdra at 575-956-3834 or Kyle at 575-313-1745.

Posted Aug. 26, 2016

Found near La Mesa

This Husky mix was found the night of August 21, possibly lost in bad weather, off I-10 near La Mesa. The rescuer can only hold the dog 24-48 hours, so if the owner is not found, a foster is needed right away. The dog is not microchipped. If you know the owner or can provide a longer term foster, please contact Elena at 360-393-5685.

Posted Aug. 22, 2016

Found near Sonoma Ranch

This little brown dog was rescued near the Sonoma Ranch are the night of August 21, apparently lost in the storm. No microchip was detected. If you know the owner, or can provide a foster home, please call 206-999-1069 or email meganwoodworth19@gmail.com. The rescuer can only take care of the dog for a day or two

Posted Aug. 22, 2016

No photo available

Lost Maltese "Chauncey" - Elks & Edgewood

Please help find lost Maltese dog named "Chauncey". The owners are very worried. He went missing from the Elks & Edgewood area about a month ago. Owners have posted flyers in their neighborhood & checked the shelter. Chauncey is under 10 lbs, white with a patch of tan on middle part of back & on back side of right ear. He is about 7 years old, neutered & micro-chipped. He was not wearing a collar. A photo is not available. Please contact Merced Villa at 575-524-1681 & afghanpine@gmail.com

Posted July 12, 2016

Found on University and Solano

This little dog was found on University and Solano, and the finder cannot keep him because her apartment does not allow pets. The shelter has been contacted, but no luck so far finding the owner. The dog is not neutered, and has no microchip or tags. If you can provide a home or a loving foster, please contact Serene at 937-352-6123.

Posted June 30, 2016

Found near KOA

This little guy is very sweet male, not neutered, and was found near the KOA Campground site on west Picacho in Las Cruces. He did have a short piece of lead he was dragging but no chip or other identification. The temporary foster is Becky King at 575-496-6234. Please call if you know the owner.

Posted Mar. 19, 2016

Still missing: Poodle lost near Anthony truck stop

Pepe, a three-year-old, 9 lb, white poodle, was lost from the Pilot/Flying J truck stop at the Texas-New Mexico border on I-10 on Thursday, 4 July. Pepe was being walked by his guardian when he was frightened by fireworks and bolted. Pepe's guardian is an OTR truck driver from Nashville, Tn, who searched for him during the night but had to resume his trip Friday morning. Pepe was wearing a black harness, but w/no identification. Owner can be contacted through Tammy, telephone: (615) 479-6270, or e-mail: rmtr6@yahoo.com.

Posted July 9, 2013, updated May 31, 2016


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